S.P.C.C. Awards

Faculty Appreciation 2015

Recognize an SPCC faculty member who has shown exemplary Spirit, Professionalism, Caring and/or Creativity-attributes in which we hold high esteem. Maybe someone went out of their way to cheer you or your child up on a gloomy morning. Maybe someone gave an unexpected hug at just the right time. Maybe someone offered an extra hand, and it felt great to not have to ask for the help. Maybe you noticed an awesome project someone was working on and wanted to recognize it. Maybe someone sent out a stellar newsletter or email. Maybe you saw someone “in the moment” with the kiddos, and it was inspiring to witness. Maybe someone made another faculty member, parent or child laugh so hard that milk came out of their nose. The point being, we witness these moments all the time, often without reflection. We would like to encourage you to take time to reflect on these moments and/or actions to give recognition to the wonderful people working with and influencing the lives of young children every day. 


Anyone (parents, faculty members, SPCC friends) is welcome to send in a recognition. The person with the most recognitions each month will receive a gift certificate, prize, or extra paid time off. It is a small thank you for the dedicated work of wonderful individuals. 

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.” ~Maria Montesso

Eben faculty appreication 2016

S Faculty Appreciation 2016


Send in a nomination today!

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